EyeTrackAsia – Visual Media Communication in an Asian Context

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Tobii Technology and the Department of Media and Communication of City University of Hong Kong are happy to invite you as academic and commercial professionals, working with conveying visual content to a public audience and/or consumer base, to a conference on Visual Media Communication in an Asian context.

By bringing together leading professionals within this field, we hope to create a regional network where everybody can exchange knowledge and ideas in different research areas. We hope this conference can also act as a platform for you to broaden your network and increase cooperation opportunities. Some of the topics we hope to discuss during the conference are:

What do we need to understand to better appeal to the Asian public and consumer?
What should be conveyed in the visual interface?
How do we know what is perceived and appreciated?
How do we adapt to the Asian mindset and when do we know if it’s been done successfully?
How do we take into account the sociological and psychological aspects and influences of visual media perception?

This is a one day conference (Jan 4), extended with one day training in conjunction to the conference on the second day (Jan 5).

Practical Information

Jan 4-5, 2011

City University of Hong Kong

Package 1: Conference only (Jan 4): €295
Package 2: Training only (Jan 5): €150
Package 3: Both Conference & Training (Jan 4-5): €395

Value for Money?
Package 1: Includes lunch, coffee breaks, and an evening-tour including dinner to the Peak on Jan 4, 2011.
Package 2: Includes lunch and coffee breaks on Jan 5, 2011.
Package 3: Includes all of the above.

Early bird discount
A 10% early bird discount will be offered to all registrations before November 5, 2010!
Full time student and presenter
A 20% discount will be offered to full time students with valid student id card and presenters.

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